Hi, sorry that I have not posted in a while, I have been very busy.  Upon arrival in Paris, we climbed four stories to get to our lovely little Parisian apartment.  It had two bedrooms, each with one bed, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom, oh, and a loft with a bed.  Our days in Paris were packed with rides on the metro, stops at cafes, shopping, and of course, some of the famous destinations.

One of the first day trips out of the city was to Versailles. If you don’t know already, Versailles is the castle in which Louis the XIV- XVI and Marie Antoinette made their home. Versailles is approximately between 520,000 and 550,000 square feet. In other words it is HUGE!  The gardens are even bigger.  Even though we had to wait in line for an hour and a half, it was worth the wait.  Everything was beautifully embossed with gold and all the ceilings were painted in great detail.  The furniture was very lavish, with gold frills and lacing everywhere. The gardens were splendid in their own ways. The flowers and hedges were organized in swirling patterns. The ponds were located in the middle, and you could rent a row-boat.  My family and I enjoyed a peaceful bike ride through the grounds.

Another thing I would like to note is the Louvre.  I really liked the scene when you walked in. You would see an old cobblestone courtyard  surrounded by a beautiful castle, and in the center there is a big, glass, modern pyramid.  There was a lot of Greek or Roman looking sculptures, and a lot of renaissance style paintings.  It was really cool to see the Mona Lisa, and luckily because I am pretty small I could squeeze my way through the crowd.

After a week in Paris with my family, my dad and my brother went back to SF, and my mom and I stayed in Paris. After two days, my grandma came to Paris. After my grandma got here, we started to do more shopping and more metro.  One thing we did with her was go to the Musee D’Orsee, which in an old train station.  The Musee D’Orsee has a lot of paintings by impressionist, such as Monet, Gougan, and Van Gogh.

We also did some painting classes.  The style of art we practiced was mostly landscapes, starting with a quick sketch in pen, then adding watercolor. On the second class we woke up early and caught a train to Giverny, the town in which Monet has his famous estate and water gardens. It was really fun to learn all about perspective, shading and landscapes.  The water lilies in the water garden were really pretty!

Overall, I had an AMAZING time in Paris I loved it and I hope I can go back sometime.

                                                       The view from our apartment.


A very French meal

The Louvre

The Eiffel tower


Me eating a crepe



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Bonjour! From the south of France and Bayeux

Bonjour! Yet again I haven’t posted in a while because I have been so busy! I have also been having a lot of fun!

Monday was Sumner’s birthday! He and my dad went sailing while my mom and I chilled on the beach. Monday was probably our most relaxed day this week.

Tuesday we went to an area called the Camargue. For about an hour we hung out on the beach. I mostly read our family book club book, the Hobbit. After the beach we went on a horseback tour through the marshy parts of the Camargue. We saw longhorn bulls. At first my horse wouldn’t cooperate, but he got better near the end. It was really fun to ride a horse again.

Wednesday we started the day by going to a market in St. Remy. When we were in the market, we saw Sarah Jessica Parker. Its funny because last year we saw her husband skating in New York. After the market we went to the mental hospital were Van Gogh stayed. It was kind of weird, being at a mental hospital were he stayed and because there are still patients there. Next, we went Carriers de Lumineres, by Les Baux. It is a quarry in the middle of a mountain where they play light shows/videos on all of the walls. It was really, really cool.

Thursday we almost missed both our trains to Normandy. After a stressful travel day we settled in to a great hotel in Bayeux.

Friday we started the day by going to a really big and informative museum about World War II, in Caen. After we listened to a long audio tour and left the museum, we went to a circular cinematique. The movie that was played showed scenes from D-Day, then the same place but in the 21st century. Even though it was really cool, it made me feel nauseous from all the spinning around. Another thing we did that day was going to Saint Mere Eglise, which is famous for when an American paratrooper landed on the steeple of the church.

Saturday we started out the day by going to the market. At 1:00, we met our guide, who took us on a tour to severel monuments. We went to Omaha beach, which was one of the beaches that was attacked on D-Day, and sadly did the worst. After that we went to the American cemetery at Omaha beach, which was only for American soldiers who died in around the battle of Normandy ( a.k.a D-Day or Overlord). When we got home, the Bayeux medieval festival was in full swing.

Right now I am on a train to Paris. I am sooooo excited to get there. My mom and I will be there until the 24th, and my dad and brother will be there until the 14th. Here are some pictures:

Monday- Sumner’s birthday breakfast

Tuesday- on top of a church in the Camargue

<img src="" alt="20120708-092509.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

    Wednesday- At the mental hospital where Van Gogh stayed

    Thursday-on the train to Bayeux

    The cathedral in Bayeux

    Friday- The World War II museum in Caen

    Friday- in Saint Mere Eglise

    Saturday- the public market in Bayeux

    Saturday- A strange parade through the streets of Bayeux during the medieval

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    C’est super! ( it’s super!)

    Hi, I haven’t been able to write recently because I have been busy and having a lot of fun. Here’s what we did over the last few days:

    Friday: We started out the day by going to a small town called Cassis. We had lunch and went to market. I got a pair of new sandals and a bracelet that has my name on it. I’ve never ever seen a bracelet with my name on it in America.
    Then, we went to another town that had a really beautiful beach. We hung out on the beach and went in the water even though it was kind of cold. After about an hour we rented a paddleboat that had a slide on it, it was really awesome! The water at the beach was a really bright blue, and it was very pretty.

    Saturday: First, we went to a town called Arles and went to a huge market that had a lot of soap, and a lot of food. There was a lot of soap because the south of France is a big soap-making region. In Arles, we went to a huge church that had lots of gold embellishments and a lot of paintings. It was really grand and amazing/ c’est magnifique. We also saw some Roman ruins, there was a coliseum and a theater. Then we went to another town call Nimes. In Nimes, we saw another Roman ruin, it was a huge coliseum and it was really, really cool. The last thing, and maybe the coolest, was Ponte du Gard. Ponte du Gard is a very large Roman aquaduct, it has three levels of arches. Underneath the Ponte du Gard flowes the Rhone River. Along the shores of the river are rocks and mini-cliffs, is was very fun to jump off the cliffs into the river. The cliffs were anywhere from 3 to 30 feet high.

    Sunday: Today we went to another market. As you can probably see, we love going to markets. Then, we drove up to a small town, Gordes, that had a nice big castle. It was very pretty because it was up on the mountain, the only bad thing is that it started raining. We drove on to an Abbey, it was my favorite thing we did today. This Abbey was surrounded by fields of lavender,and because it was blooming season they were a beautiful vibrant purple.

    We have been in the south of France for about a week. The South of France is beautiful; the weather is lovely, there are trees everywhere, and the food is great. Next Thursday we will take a train to Normandy,and then a few days later we will take another train to Paris.


    Friday: The beach

    Friday- my new sandals

    Friday- my new bracelet

    Saturday: the ancient theater

    Saturday: the ancient coliseum

    Saturday: ancient court house

    Sunday: the town on the mountain

    Sunday: the field of lavender and the Abbey

    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: a market

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    Bonjour! We arrived in France last night around 8:00pm. This was after we were delayed in SF for three hours. We got to Frankfort after twelve hours on the plane. After this we took a nice little plane to Munich, where we waited three hours in the airport, for a one and a half hour plane ride ( I took a nap) to Marseille.
    Our home exchange is beautiful and has a pool! The weather is lovely, it is about 88° today. I am very excited because later this week we are going to go to beach that is very nice because the water is warm and clear. It is called Cassis. Today we are going to go see a castle!
    I will be writing more this week. Au revior! ( goodbye)

    On the way to our house.

    The home exchange

    The pool. It is nice and warm!

    Playing around in the pool.

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    Photo a day #26, #27, #28, #29

    #26- 12 o’clock- at 12 o’clock I eat lunch. P.s. I shared this plate with 2 other people


    #27- something sweet- Powells candy shop is full of sweet things 😊


    #28- the weather today-


    #29- a number


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    Photo a day #25

    Unusual-this is an unusual outfit. From the Jean Paul Gaultier show at the DeYoung museum.


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    Photo a day #24

    Something new- my new wallet



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    Photo a day #17, #18, and #19

    #17- snack- a yummy tiger milk bar

    #18- something you made – a drawing of an eye


    #19- a favorite place- my cabin


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    Photo a day #16

    What I’m reading- I’m reading Specials


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    Photo a day #14 and #15

    #14- grass


    #15- love- a love mural


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